Work Etiquettes for a Professional

Work Etiquettes for a Professional

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Work Etiquettes for a Professional

The basis of business etiquette is about behavior and overall personality in a work environment. This can only happen when those you work with feel secure and comfortable. Although basic business etiquette may differ from country to country, some principles remain the same at every workplace.

We are sharing with you some basic work etiquettes which will make you look more professional and sought after in your office/company/workplace:

1.      Arrive on Time: Allow yourself enough time to arrive promptly before the scheduled time, get yourself seated, and settle in a bit. Arriving at a meeting exactly at the appointed time can make you feel rushed, and you may look disrespectful to other’s time.

2.      Dress Appropriately for Work: Clean, pressed clothing without any loose threads or tags and relatively polished, closed-toe shoes are a must. Look at the people around you for ideas on what sort of clothing is standard. In case of any doubt, consult your Human Resource contact.

3.      Speak Kindly of Others: Your good manners will show that you acknowledge those around you and are considerate of their presence. Avoid discussing political or religious matters and be mindful of the cultural differences based on country/race etc. Never discuss controversial topics that may offend someone.

4.      Avoid Gossip or Eavesdropping: Gossip and eavesdropping are childish behaviors that have no place in the workplace. If you hear a rumor about someone in the workplace, do not pass it on. People don’t always know or remember who starts a rumor, but they always remember who spreads it. If you walk into an area, and it seems your co-workers don't know you are there, make sure to greet them politely to remove any chance that you accidentally eavesdrop on their conversation.

5.      Show Interest in Others: Showing interest goes beyond business etiquette into general politeness. When speaking with someone, show you are truly engaged. Do not play on your phone or computer, and if you have to answer a communication says, “Excuse me one moment or, I'm so sorry.”

6.      Maintain friendly eye contact: Listen. People will remember how you make them feel, and nobody wants to feel as if they are ignored.

7.      Watch Your Body Language: Be aware of the body language of others at work and follow the same if the same is accepted by everyone.

8.      Don’t Interrupt Others: Interrupting the person who is speaking sends the message that what s/he is saying isn't as important as what you have to say.

9.      Mind Your Mouth: Business etiquette requires being constantly mindful that you are in a diverse environment with people you do not know on a personal level. Speak as though someone from human resources is always listening. Never utter any abusive language or words. It may have severe consequences like firing from the company.

10.  Consume Food and Drink Correctly: Do not drink alcohol at work and don’t get drunk when attending office parties. When at work, take care not to bring that smell too much or if possible try eating at the cafeteria or open spaces where the smell doesn’t bother anyone. Don't make noises during or after you eat

How you treat others at a workplace says a lot about who you are as a person. That is the kind of care people notice and want to be around. Embrace the basics of business etiquette to become a lasting employee or to advance through the corporate ranks.