How to improve Communication and Presentation Skills ?

Communication and Presentation Skills

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How to Improve Communication and Presentation Skills?

A Chartered accountant is known to have expert knowledge in his/her field such as Accountancy, Taxation, Company matters, Audit etc. However, when it comes to presenting work in front of the audience, an MBA often gets more attention because of better presentation skills. With the cut-throat competition, we have in the job market, only the one who is not only knowledgeable but also can present his work in front of others can survive. Else, S/he has to compromise on a lower salary than the MBA’s.

Below are some ways for improving your presentation skills:

1.      Be confident: Having confidence while presenting yourself does half of the work. Even if your voice shakes, gather yourself up, think, and speak/present again. Try changing nervousness into enthusiasm and positivity. When you think positive, you look positive.

2.      Practice: It’s always good to practice what you are going present before your actual presentation

3.      Arrive early: Never be late when you have to present even if your turn is in the last.

4.      Adjust to your surroundings: Meet people when arrive early, try to build a rapport with people, and understand their interests.

5.      Attend other presentations: Listen or watch videos online on relevant presentations which will enhance the content of your presentation.

6.      Keep yourself prepared for possible questions: In presentations, attendees ask questions which may be difficult to answer at that point in time. So you can think about those scenarios and have a proper answer if needed.