How to crack an Interview?

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How to crack an Interview?

These days, it takes a lot of effort to get your dream job. For 1 such vacancy, there are hundreds of applicants. Out of those applicants, only a handful of candidates gets shortlisted and among those few, the best gets chosen for the position. We don’t get lucky always while giving the interview and therefore you must prepare yourself in a way that you come out of an interview with the offer letter.

Below are some tips which can help you to crack an interview:

1)     Confidence: You should carry yourself with confidence. Should speak about everything with full energy and positivity.

2)     Resume: Build a professional resume that can catch the eyes of the HR team shortlisting candidates.

3)     Be positive about your previous company: Saying anything bad about your previous employer leaves a bad impression and they may think that your attitude would continue to be like that for them if they hire you.

4)     Brush up your experience: Highlight your achievements and successes and memories of all your experience. You can also browse through internet industries' best practices in case you are asked.

5)     Always start from the previous company or last education/qualification: Going backward will also help you to recall all past events and speak only relevant information.

6)     Don’t speak too much or too less: Interviews also notice the overall personality and behavior of candidates. Hence, you should try to be as crisp as you can while giving answers.

7)     Say if you don’t know the answer: It is normal if you don’t know the answer to one or more questions. Giving incorrect answers doesn’t leave a good impression on interviewers. If you are not sure, just say that you don’t know. If you don’t make it to the interview, it only acts as a practice for you to do better in the next interview.

8)     Read company profile before you go: Visit the official website of the organization and try to get an idea about the business. If you already know someone in the company, it’s a bonus for you. Get as much information as you can. Employers like it when the candidates know about their company and show interest in their business.