What is the full form of CA ? and How to become CA?

What is the full form of CA ? and How to become CA?

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What is the full form of CA ? and How to become CA?

The Full Form of CA is “CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT”. He is a legal account specialist who looks after the accounts of a company. Fundamentally, he audits the accounts of an organization and provides his advice on the taxation issues matters according to the tax laws of the nation.

How to Become a CA (Chartered Accountant) in India?

To become CA is tough but not impossible, an individual can become a CA if he got the zeal to become. Aspirant of CA can begin preparation at different stages of life, the eligibility and other criteria are given below:

CA Foundation

This is the point when a person completed his senior secondary examinations and he wants to become CA. At this stage, he can enroll himself in the CA ICAI institute. In the foundation course, the subjects are quite similar to the 10+2 syllabus of commerce. It is the basic level of CA.

CA Intermediate

After completion of the foundation course in CA, one has to enroll himself in the intermediate stage of CA. This stage is a bit hard stage because all the subjects are new like company law etc. Aspirants get basically 9 months to study after their foundation to get enrolled in the intermediate course.

Articleship Training

After completion of the intermediate course, one must enroll himself in the articleship training which provides the real-time experience to him. In this training, students learn how does the CA work in actual life. The agenda behind this training is to acquire real exposure to the business world.

CA Final

It is the concluding part of the whole journey. Before coming to this level there are two exams which should be cleared by the candidate these are GMCS and ITT. CA final is the gateway to the world of chartered accountants. The success rate of this final stage of the journey is very less due to the toughness of the exam.