Skillsets of CA (Chartered accountant) in India

Skillsets of CA (Chartered accountant) in India

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Skillsets of CA (Chartered accountant) in India

A CA should possess the following skillsets


Chartered accountant should be smart and should have a great understanding of commerce and tax laws because this is the major thing that makes him CA. His intelligence should reflect on the job.


A CA is the backbone of major corporations, he is the person who controls the all the financial matters of the company. This is the quality that reflects the character and loyalty of CA toward his work. He is a responsible person, who should always show dedication and accomplish great results under is his responsibilities.

High Ethical Values

High moral character is much needed in this profession since CA deals with money issues and there is a high scope of corruption etc. Therefore, a CA should be of high ethical values.


A CA is an officer level post and he has to deal with many problems in daily life regarding work and also, he has to pass an instruction to his juniors so a leadership quality is must in the CA so that he can handle all issues readily.


Laws are not the same all the time and is changed in-line to the conditions and requirement by the country’s government. So, a CA who is updated with the changes in-laws is the finest CA because without updating his knowledge he cannot do justice with his work.