Design of CA articleship program

Design of CA articleship program

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Design of CA articleship program

As part of CA articleship training, the Member In-charge of Training (MIT)/Principal may make a detailed assessment of the training environment so as to identify the areas in which the firm must provide training and the contribution which the firm can expect from trainees. Such an assessment will ensure that the training program is relevant to the needs of the trainees and the firm.

The following factors may be considered in this context:

·        View of the timing, type and total amount of work generated by the firm;

·        An assessment of the partners and staff with the experience, skills and qualifications needed to undertake the work and to provide supervision to trainees;

·        Availability or otherwise of senior trainees for supervising the work done by junior trainees;

·        Reviewing the arrangements for instructions, particularly experience needs to be supplemented by theoretical training;

·        The period for which trainees will be available for work. (The effect of releasing trainees from assignments for courses or study leave must be taken into account); and

·        Whether there are any deficiencies in the work experience available to trainees and how these may be overcome e.g. by secondment.

In designing the training program, the following components are considered simultaneously so as to make it meaningful:

·        Categories of work experience

·        In-house theoretical training

·        Development of professional attitude

·        Phasing of the training program.

The training program is supposed to be planned to ensure that the above components are included therein.