How to improve communication skill after qualifying CA?

How to Improve Communication skills after qualifying CA?

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How to Improve Communication skills?

Good communication skills is one of the essential requirement in job description for amlost all the roles. If a individual can communicate effectively, he/she is considered for the better roles in a company as compared to the person who appears as reserved.

Following are the tips for improving communication skills:-

1. Know your audience or listener

2. Think before you speak

3. Be confident and dont look nervous even you feel like inside.

4. Answer questions with positive approach

5. Keep your sentences short and relevant. We often find ourselves short of words when we go out of context.

6. Prepare before you communicate.

7. Keep eye contact but dont stare

8. Be firm and relaxed

9. Talk to yourself in front of mirror

10. Watch talk shows and observe the way presenters speak

If you can speak well, you will get easily noticed in the crwod and may get better opportunities. Ofcorse, technical knowledge is also important, however, if you are not able to speak well, you may not get noticed or may get overlooked.