How to avoid silly mistakes while writing paper?

How to avoid silly mistakes while writing paper?

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Created By Admin Last Updated Wed, 26-Aug-2020

You read the question paper. You smiled because you knew the answer. You were very confident that I know the answers and you would be scoring good marks. Exams are over, and you await the results. After the results are announced you are shocked because you did not score that you expected. It is so because you made a few silly mistakes. For e.g. Instead of writing SA 510, you wrote SA 501. Your answer is right, but you quoted a wrong SA number. So, it’s possible that you might lose marks.

So in this article I am sharing with you a few tips to help you avoid these kinds of Silly Mistakes.

1.   Speak while you read and write
Try to speak while you read the question paper and also while you write the answers. This does not mean you do it loudly and disturb others. You should speak without making any noise. Speaking will help you to interpret the questions in a better way. Also, if you speak while writing there are fewer chances of making any silly mistake. You will write what you speak.

2.   Use your Thumb
Try to keep your thumb just above the line in which you are writing. This way you will avoid silly mistakes as your concentration will be completely on what you are writing.

3.   Jot down important points
First of all, underline all the important words in the question. So that you know what all needs to be covered in the answer. Then jot down all those points that are flashing in your memory with a pencil on your answer sheet. Write down all those points so that you don’t miss any of them.

4.   Last line
Read the last line of the question very attentively. Sometimes the questions are big and in a hurry, we don’t read it carefully and misinterpret the question. Majority of the times the last line of the question has all things. It tells you very clearly what is expected in the answer.
Try to frame small sentences. It happens many times that when you write big sentences, by the time you finish them it does not mean what you intended. They mean completely different. So try to write small sentences so that everything that you want to write is properly explained.

It is very important that your brain is cool and calm before your exams. So please take proper sleep of 7-8 hours before your exam. Also, stop studying 2 hours before your exam.