Things you should do before your CA Final Exams

Things you should do before your CA Final Exams

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As the subjects are numerous, you need to study your lessons as and when they’re taught your respective CA final Coaching class. You need to solve issues in Statics, Accountancy, and Mathematics. Positive things you should do before the exam and careful preparation in your all subjects are definitely needed from your end.

These are the Helpful things you should do before your CA Final Exams:

Manage your Time

The first and most important thing you should do is learning time management. You should set your sights on scoring top and give-up on time-wasting experiences like spending time with your buddies, Social media apps and TV watching.  You can do these later after the exam, what you’d do is create a time management planning and stick to it. Set your education time with 2-4 hour period for every study period.

Regular Study

Regular study is a really helpful thing for your CA final exam. However, spending more than 8-10 hours in the study can pressurize your mind. You need to practice question papers for each subject with term allotted to reply to the questions within an exact time limit. This practice will support you while completing your exam within the period, offering you additional time to recheck your answer at the last time.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Go through the answers of earlier questions to familiarize yourself with possible questions. You’ll find that there’re just a few topics and questions which are repeated year on year. If you ready for these, you can goal at achieving a fine score for your CA Final Exams.

Divide and Revise

Each and every level of CA has a huge portion to cover. And fine planning to follow is Divide and Revise. Always divide your topics into smaller ways and then to your revisions.


Practice exam question papers should be self- evaluation thing you utilize to know your weakness and strengths. Practice will create you confident and helps you to review your awareness. A weakness, strengths, threats and opportunities analysis of your answer sheet will help your plan in preparing during the ultimate leg before exam day. You can strengthen your weak spots but also build upon your strengths so you score fine.

Be healthy

It’s vital to take care of your body while being buried in your exams. It’ll keep in your brain alert and your body fit. The usual workout can even reduce your pressure level before the CA Final exam. Sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours each night and each healthy diet.

Stay positive

The final thing should for before exam can be both mentally as well as physically strong. Stay positive and be calm, that’ll enhance your confidence and help your score great. If you worry too much before the CA final exams, it might damage your best performance.