How to study CA Final Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation

How to study CA Final Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation

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While you need to study each and every topic, here are the important topics to set your priority:

Decision making, CVP Analysis, Pricing decisions (~25 to 30 marks)

Transfer Pricing (~10 marks)

Standard costing (~8 marks)

Budget (~8 marks)

Transportation, Assignment (~10 marks)

CPA & PERT (~10 marks)

Linear Programming (~8 marks)

·        Before starting your preparation for this subject, revise Cost & Management Accounting and Strategic management. This will help you to understand the concepts for SCM & PE quickly

·        Begin your preparation with the ICAI study material. You cannot skip it at any cost. You have to go through it irrespective of whatever other resources you are referring to

·        Ensure you are thorough with your concepts. Consult a mentor if any topic bugs you. You need conceptual clarity for answering case-based questions.

·        Practice case study/case scenarios well. These have a weightage of around 20% -30% marks and are generally asked to assess contemporary topics

·        The objective of the case study is to apply ideas and insights from theory to real-life situations. Case scenarios are short cases covering a specific area. So, for the case study, you need to give a holistic analysis whereas, for case scenarios, more in-depth analysis is required.

·        Make your own notes with key points for quick revision

·        Make your timetable and fix your daily targets.

·        You need not be a master in all topics but if asked in the examination, you should also not go blank on any topic.

·        Practice sums and questions from the practice manual. Eventually, you must be able to solve the questions without looking at the solutions. Make a note of your strengths and weaknesses

·        Refer to videos wherever you feel stuck.

·        Do go through suggested answers by ICAI. This will help you to understand what is expected in the examination. Try to use a similar way of presentation in the examination.