How to Memorize Case Laws?

How to Memorize Case Laws?

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Hope you are doing good and safe. In this write-up, I am going to share the trick to memorize any case law using the technique of visualization.

The visualization process will start by having an image assigned to each of the parts i.e. Plaintiff, Respondent, Year of Verdict, and Adjudicating Authority. And by using all 4 images, a big picture is to be created in the mind, preferably to have an active image, kind of video or gif.  For easy memorization, the image must be the most unique, weird, and creative. The image is to be assigned to each part of the case law. Out the four parts two are static and two are dynamic.

·         Static – Year of Verdict and Adjudicating Authority

·         Dynamic – Plaintiff and Respondent


Year of Verdict

To remember the year, it can be tied with some events in that particular year, it can be classified under three types.

Examples of such events are as follows,

Global Event

·         2008 – Lehman Brothers

·         2016 – Referendum Brexit

·         2019 – COVID 19

National Event

·         2014 – Modi Wave

·         2018 – PNB/Nirav Modi

·         2020 – the year of lockdown

Personal Event

·         2015 – Start of my YouTube Channel 

·         2017 – Becoming a member of ICAI

We can easily attach the image of that event for that year. For eg. YouTube Logo for 2015, Virus image for 2019, Cage for 2020, and so on.

Adjudicating Authorities

Each enactment has a different process as well as different adjudicating authorities. The first task is to enlist all the adjudicating authorities to understand what we are working with. I have taken the example of the Income Tax Act 1961 there we have 4 Adjudicating authorities viz. CIT(A), ITAT, HC, and SC. We will see how we can get a graphical representation for all of the authorities,

Please note the below reference helps me to memorize easily, it may happen you would have to think something more personal to you.

1. Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals)

They are the first line of appeal. So I keep my mom’s image as CIT(A) as every kid whenever has some issue, s/he would first complain to her/his parents.  Hence this seems apt for CIT(A).

2. Income Tax Appellate Tribunal –

The acronym for Income Tax Appellate Tribunal is ITAT which loosely resembles the TATA group. So I keep the TATA’s logo for ITAT

3 High Court

Broadly speaking, High Court is one per state (some states share one HC) and is being referred by the state in Adjudicating authority. For e.g.  Bombay HC – BOM would be used, Gujarat HC – GUJ would be used, and so on.

To memorize the HC, the state’s uniqueness is to be visualized. This visualization depends on your interest. E.g. I follow several political leaders, so it is easy for me to visualize political leaders for each state. But there are several other ways too, I have shared the broad categories below.


·         Gateway of India – Bombay HC – Mumbai, Maharashtra

·         Taj Mahal – Allahabad HC – Agra, UP

·         Statue of Unity – Gujarat HC – near Vadodara & Surat, Gujarat


·         26/11 – Bombay HC – Terrorist Attacks – Mumbai

·         Durga Puja – Kolkata HC


If you have some relatives staying in a different state or friends staying or shifted to another state, then you could use them for resembles of that state HC.

The above are just an indicative list; one has to improvise as per his/her interest.

Plaintiff and/or Defendant

Well, this part is dynamic and subjective, depends on person to person.  The plaintiff or defendant is to be visualized from one’s perspective and understanding about the case law. It’s better to explain the same with few examples.

Queen Educational Society

First thing comes to the mind by “Queen” is Queen Elizabeth and the same can be used in visualization. Considering the Educational Society, the visualization can be done as Queen Elizabeth addressing students in a class.

This visualization will help to remember the whole case law; just wanted to share a pro tip the weirder the visualization the easier it is to remember.