Top 7 Tips on Cracking CFA Exam

Top 7 Tips on Cracking CFA Exam

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The key to success is to strategize properly, prepare mentally, and commit completely. Now we will discuss the top tips that will surely help you to stay on the right path and clear your exam –

1. Start early and most Important start right: Start preparing 6-7 months prior to the exam date, so you have plenty of time to study properly and follow the plan. Target 300 hours of study, minimum; that is 11.5 hours of study per week over 6 months. Even if you are working it’s still manageable. Having a study plan is having a huge advantage in your favor. Consider, enrolling for CFA online training for many other benefits.

2. Talk about your CFA plan with everyone who is important: As stated earlier, there is a strong commitment required to clear the exam. The preparation journey demands an abundant amount of time and energy, keeping your job and other work aside. And it is pretty obvious that you will get stressed as exam approaches, and then you’ll not be at your best behavior all the time with your surroundings. Communicate about all these challenges and your CFA online training timings beforehand with your loved ones, so when the time arrives they will be your strength.

3. Practice testing: Recall and retention is the one most common issue, candidates face. So, take practice tests to improve your ability to recall and retention, especially when practice tests are taken frequently with CFA online training. Practice makes you perfect.

4. Asking why: The most important question one can ask is ‘why’. Use this as a technique in your favor; while studying, asking why a particular fact is true, and developing the reasons behind it is very effective. This technique is tested and proven to work effectively.

5. Summarizing: Making a summary of study material is always helpful and works best in the last days of preparation. Try to summarize all the study material it will help in quick revisions too.

6. Take a study course: Consider enrolling in the best CFA coaching classes in Bangalore and don’t rely completely on self-study. Self-study is the most difficult approach. For preparation, there are many study courses available, from weekend courses to short term courses. The sure shot advantage of joining the best CFA coaching in India is, it develops discipline and creates a sense of focus towards the exam.

7. Befriend your calculator: in this CFA exam journey, the calculator is your friend. Get through the calculator’s guide on how to use a particular type of calculator.

But here is the fact, one size doesn’t fit all hence, customize your leaning plan! With your commitment and the right approach will lead you to become a Chartered Financial Analyst.