Best preparation tips for CA exam

Best preparation tips for CA exam

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Let’s plan for something you want to achieve. If you are preparing for Chartered accountant & want to crack CA exam, then you are in a right place. As we all know Cracking CA exam is not easy but also not that much difficult which you can’t do, you just need proper planning and we are here with few of best tips that will help you to achieve your goal.  The most important thing if you want to follow your goal you should quit your old bad habit because old habit never brings a new result.

Here are the best tips for you -

1.    Prepare a blueprint: Whenever you go towards to do something new which takes different steps you should start from impactful planning. For this exam of ca make proper planning like how much time you have lest, from where you will start and so on.

2.    Manage a study schedule: Schedule is one of the important steps of your lifestyle, so before starting your preparation take your time and make a study schedule. You can divide your day into 3 or 4 parts for four hours, & first of all opt those subjects which you like most to study it will help you psychologically.

3.    Study room: You know for doing impactful preparation you should have a better space where you can study without any disturbance & all peace of mind. That is why search a space & set a study room in your home or wherever you are. while you go for study take all the thing that are necessary like water, books, pen etc., all these things help you to be concentrated on your study. 

4.    Collect the content: Be aware of all the things and collect the content which can help you with your study. You need to have the books for theoretical as well as for practical subject. Collect notes & previous year question paper from your coaching center, your teacher, your friends or as you can get from.

5.    Solve previous question paper: This is one of the best parts of preparation when you solve the previous year question paper you sense of attending exam will be broad, you will be familiar with the exam pattern and many of your doubt will be clear.

6.    Revision: Revise all the question paper, notes and all those matters you think are important, by the revision you will remember things and your confidence level will be increased.

7.    Keep aware with changes in direct and indirect taxes: While you are preparing for Ca you should be updated with all the changes done by the government in direct and indirect taxes. Nowadays this is not difficult to be updated with all changes.


8.    Keep in regular practice: Regularity & smart practice is the only key to success, so you need to cling with your schedule until you get your goal.

9.    Engage in physical activity: With the proper study schedule in your whole day take time for some physical activity, by engaging physical activity your brain will feel good. you can try some cardio exercise, calisthenic or you can go for running, by doing all this you will give adequate oxygen to your brain and fell happy and stress-free.


10. Take proper rest: As after heavy work a machine needs fuel & rest, our body needs the same. Everybody gets tired after continues work and it’s your responsibility to give yourself qualitative sleep, food & most important water.

11. Be positive: If you carry a positive attitude you definitely achieve success in your life. Positive & keep charging yourself until you achieve your goal.