How to study CA Final advanced auditing?

CA Final advanced auditing

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How to study CA Final advanced auditing?

Advanced Auditing is the 3rd paper in group 1 of CA Final course. It covers vast topics such as – Auditing standards, Audit of Companies as required by law, Audit under Fiscal Laws, Professional ethics and Internal audit. For scoring good marks in this subject, a student needs to gather all the information and understand the logic behind topics.

Here, we are sharing some of the suggestions which can help you to prepare for Advanced Auditing:

1.      Study Module should be read thoroughly

2.      Begin with topics like Professional ethics, company audit, and Fiscal laws to gain more interest and coverage of marks.

3.      Make notes while you prepare. It is easier to learn when you write while studying.

4.      Refer to the best books suggested for Auditing.

5.      Apply knowledge gained during practical training or articleship. This also makes the whole learning process more interesting

6.       Refer practice manual and RTP (revision test papers) for revision

7.      Refer previous exam papers for an idea on the exam pattern