How to study Strategic Financial Management?


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How to study Strategic Financial Management?

Strategic Management is one of the most scoring subjects of CA-Final. If you aim to score high in CA focus on Sfm, its a must exemption subject. I have score exemption in 5 subjects in CA -Final and from my personal view following tips should help u get an exemption:

1.       Self -study, believe me, if you have just gone through your coaching books and have not practised well it's impossible to score high.

2.       Practise "PM" at least 2–3 times.

3.       Do study material at least once and DO NOT LEAVE ANY QUESTIONS

4.       Take the institute's mock test properly.

5.       Try and solve the mock paper at least once and please WRITE & solve all the questions.

6.       If you have time to solve supplementarily, a good number of questions come from it.

7.       Solve RTP on exam day, there will be a number of questions from it so even if u don't know the logic pls mug up…. Rtp is REALLY VERY IMPORTANT…

8.       See the trend and work hard on important topics.

9.       When you study for the first time mark all the questions you couldn't solve in the first attempt, in the next revision do that again. Do it thrice. And then on your exam day will be your 4th revision with only a handful of questions left.