Objectives of CA articleship

Objectives of CA articleship

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Objectives of CA articleship

Following are the objectives of articleship program under ICAI:

Acquisition of adequate theoretical knowledge:

The objectives of the theoretical education meant for the chartered accountancy course are-

·        to impart necessary technical knowledge in relevant fields;

·        to build up necessary comprehension and analytical skills, and to inculcate a professional and ethical approach. The primary responsibility of imparting theoretical education rests with the Board of Studies through distance learning mode. The Principal ensures on a day-to-day basis that trainees acquire and assimilate adequate theoretical knowledge with a view to providing a strong foundation for building up a professional chartered accountant. Such theoretical knowledge can be supplemented by the firm directly by organizing group meetings, inter-firm/ intra-firm meetings, etc.

Developing skills in applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations:

A professional accountant is not only required to acquire necessary theoretical knowledge but also to possess the necessary skills to apply that knowledge to the practical scenarios at work. Practical training enables a trainee to acquire knowledge and skill by participating in activities performed by professional accountants. Thus, a training program must blend theoretical knowledge and practical training.

Inculcating a disciplined attitude:

A practical training scheme also has the effect of disciplining and conditioning the mind of the trainee so that he gets used to the work environment and learns the virtues of patience and methodical work. The sincerity, integrity, objectivity, and hard work of individual members of the Institute contribute to the position and prestige of the whole profession.

Imbibing due to professional orientation:

Practical training imparted by a firm of chartered accountants must aim to endow due to professional orientation amongst trainees. Apart from virtues of independence and integrity, trainees must imbibe professional orientation towards clients and social consciousness. The ability to communicate and articulate effectively with the client must also be developed as a part of the training program.

Developing ethical values:

Practical training also helps the trainees to develop professional competence and related skills as also to acquire certain ethical values and norms expected of professional accountants. Since the trainee, on completion of practical training and on passing the examination, will become a member of the Institute, it is imperative that he must be acquainted with the role of a chartered accountant and the code of ethics.

For details, refer to the training guide on ICAI website.