How to remove Password from ITR V Acknowledgement

How to remove Password from ITR V Acknowledgement

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On e- filing of income tax return, an acknowledgement is generated by the Income Tax Department in a form named as “ITR V”. This ITR V is issued in pdf format and remains password protected. The password remains Permanent Account Number of the assessee in short case followed by his date of birth / its date of formation. This password remains known to the assessee and / or his Counsel and / or other concerned persons.

Problem / Issue:

The security of ITR V through password is a good measure to prevent the details of the assessee from going in to wrong hands but the problem / issue is that the opening of pdf file through password is not a onetime affair. Every time when the file is to be opened for viewing / taking print out etc., password is to be given. In the offices of the CAs, Advocates, Other Counsels etc., these files are required to be opened frequently and that too in respect of large no. of assesses. Therefore, doing the job of supplying the password every time is felt an unnecessary step.

Further, the password consisting of PAN followed by date of birth / formation is also generally felt as too long. The another aspect of the problem is that every time the password do not remain instantly available with the Counsel, their staff etc.. It is to be gathered from the records. The password of each and every assessee client can also not be remembered by the Counsels etc. Many times when ITR V is send to the client for their own records, they could not open the password protected file due to insufficient computer literacy.

Solution / Simple Way to Make ITR V Password Free:

Many persons include the password in the name of the pdf file e.g., “Ramesh ITR V AY 16-17 Password aetpj6979k10101978” so that it remains instantly available. Some persons first take print out of ITR V and then scan the same in to pdf format. But these ways are not much feasible.

There is one simple way to make password protected ITR V pdf file as password free pdf file.

The following steps are required to be done to obtain password free ITR V pdf file:

(1) Firstly, open Google Chrome browser in to your computer system and them minimize the same.

(2) Secondly, drag and drop the password protected pdf file of ITR V in to Google Chrome.

(3) On dropping the file as above, the Google Chrome will automatically open a new tab for the pdf file and will ask for password of pdf file.

(4) Now, enter the password and press submit button. On doing so, the pdf file of ITR V will be opened.

(5) Now, on upper right corner of the same screen (where pdf document is opened), an icon of “printer” will appear. Click the same.

(6) On clicking the printer icon, a print window will get opened. In the print window, an option of “destination” will be seen. Along with that option, a button named “change” will also be seen. Now, press the “Change” button.

(7) On pressing the “Change” button, various options will be seen out of which there will also be an option “save as pdf”. Now, select this option. On doing so, the original print window will appear again.

(8) In the original “print window” there will be a “save” button. Now, press the “Save” button.

(9) On pressing the “Save” button, a new window “Save As” will get opened automatically which will ask to give the location for saving the new file i.e., password free ITR V pdf file. Now, give the desired location and close / minimize the Google Chrome.

(10) After that go to the location where the new pdf file has been saved. On clicking the same it will get opened without any password.