Head over to these technological facts

Head over to these technological facts

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Ø    Electronic commerce draws on technology such as mobile commerce, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction processing etc which is playing a major role in e-commerce business platforms. As many as 1,06,086 websites are registered daily and more than 25% are for niche businesses that are running a good business through an online basis.

Ø Did you know that the mechanical typewriters might jam if the typists work too fast, to tackle this issue the QUERTY keyboard was designed to slow down their speed.

Ø The Braille technology was invented for blind people to use cell phones. Technology made use of some special pins that go up and down that the user can touch and read. This made it possible for blind people to use cell phones.

Ø Are you aware of the fact that an average household internet speed is nearly 25 MB per second and now compare NASA’s internet speed which is 91 GB per second? This is something awesome, NASA is a company which made a far better improvement in internet speed compared to other technological companies.

Ø digital technology is growing in India at a very fast rate. The volume of online business extended to a very good rate which is opening possibilities for new businesses that have sprung up entrepreneurial business culture.

Ø One of the most amazing technological developments can be seen in the rapid adoption of smartphones. The mobile technology growth statistics have been raised at a very high rate. Almost five billion people in the world own a mobile device. With the help of this adaption the mobile banking technology advances and generates a good number of jobs. This development empowers the economy of a country.

Ø Technological growth helps in the rise and birth of more startups in the country. Between the year 2016-2020, more than $60 billion has flown well over 50,000 Indian technical startups.  According to a survey, 1300 new startups were born in 2019, and 2 to 3 startups born every day in India.

Technology has impacted our day today life in various ways, talking of playing video games, watching live streaming or doing business from our home comfortably, everything is a wonder of technology that advances the world. Hope you enjoy reading the facts related to the technology we provided here.