Facts you need to know to deflate these technologies myths

Facts you need to know to deflate these technologies myths

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Myth: There is a common myth that while using antivirus your computers are completely secure from viruses.

Fact: Actually using the antivirus your system is protected from different virus attacks but the fact to keep in consideration is that no antivirus is 100% proof. There are thousands of malware and viruses that are spreading day to day more rapidly than before. These security programs ac antivirus programs are near to impossible to identify every virus and might not protect your system against new viruses and malware. As the cybercriminals are improving their attack strategies, many researchers believe that antivirus programs are becoming less effective in scanning and protecting the system. Rather than relying on these antivirus programs, it is far better to stay up to date on new scams, entering sensitive information to bogus websites, or downloading an infected file.

Myth: Big companies are the only target of Cyber-Criminals.

Fact: Many of you might think or have an assumption that if you are not running a huge organization, you are not the target of cybercriminals. However, this assumption is fully wrong. Just give a thought to it that smaller the corporation, less the effort needed to attack as they don’t have the access to resources that large enterprises have. Understand this by taking an example of a big company that is aware and is well focused against such crimes and is working on its security. On the other hand, a small-medium business in which the staff is working on other stuff rather than its security. It will be much easier for attackers to attack those companies with less security. Give consideration to your sensitive stuff related to your organization and be aware of its security.

Myth: Consider the internet and World Wide Web a same.

Fact: The internet and WWW (World Wide Web) is somewhat close but not the same thing. WWW uses the internet but the internet can exist without WWW. The web can be considered as a platform that delivers different pages and clients like internet explorer on the other hand internet is used to perform other programs too like email, internet messaging, etc. You can say that the web is a part of the internet.

Myth: Manufacturers releases new versions to slow down the older one so that you have to purchase a new one.

Fact: This myth can feel to be a fact among the people. However is not completely true. Device manufacturers or developers work on the new design and apps for the updated versions and shifts their whole focus to new ones leaving the old one's asides. Unless they are not working on resources to keep old versions supported, you then notice the issues building up on the device and you have to opt to purchase a new one.

These were some common myths related to technology. We try to clarify them by providing you the fact related to it. Hope this blog helps you in bursting out of these technology myths.