Role of Chartered Accountant in Corporate Governance

Role of Chartered Accountant in Corporate Governance

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Corporate government and Chartered Accountant is inseparable and one can not expect to practice the good practice without the involvement of a financial professional. The papermakers an attempt to understand the concept of corporate government and the role of Chartered Accountant and auditors in practising good corporate governance. Both in India and abroad, significant work has been done in this area and the core recommendations of various codes and committees relating to this aspect of governance fine place.

Role of Chartered Accountants:

Although the role of Chartered Accountant in corporate governance is generally understood in the capacity as an auditor. We can say Chartered Accountant can play a significant role in practising good Corporate governance, as compared to a person in his different capacities like: -

·         As shareholder or stakeholder of a company

·         As an employee or part of the management team of the company

·         As a member of the board of directors or any, it’s sub-committees.

·         As a prompter

·         As an auditor

He can play a crucial role a crusader in achieving corporate governance in these different capacities. Every where in the world and especially in developing countries, people are looking at corporate governance  more seriously, and the CA have to play an important role in the whole process of governance by helping to balance business practices and objectives of the board whose primary concern should be to run a company in a profitable manner and at the same time as good law-abiding entities, As a corporate guardian, it is the Chartered The accountant who has to ensure achieving corporate governance.