Role of the Company Secretary: Does it is necessary for small business?

Role of the Company Secretary: Does it is necessary for small business?

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Remember, the responsibilities and duties of a company secretary spans wide beyond the demand of rules and he/she can do wonders for your company:

Incorporation requirements:

However small your company is if you wish to incorporate it, the service of a company the secretary is indispensable. Although the formalities pertaining company the formation has been drastically reduced, it is always better to seek the professional help to clear all the hurdles in a single step. It should be borne in the mind that preparation of Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) needs in-depth expertise and it can never be executed by a novice.

Maintaining regulatory documents:

Being a small business, with all likelihood, it would be a start-up that requires your constant focus on production and deliverables. And it is always better to leave the regulatory considerations in the hands of a professional.

Financial up-gradation

Often, the growth of small business companies become phenomenal and demands the additional infusion of funds. Reach out for the services of a company secretary to understand your needs and achieve the best guidance for loans, guarantees, and securities. Your company secretary would gladly deal with all the procedural requirements of additional funds from proper channels.

Procedural requirements with Registrar of Companies

It is true that nowadays most of the procedural formalities are done through online to expedite the end result. However, how do you know that the documents that are submitted through online mode are perfect in order? The solution is very simple and all you have to do is to consult with a company secretary.

A boon for private limited company

Yours may be a small private limited company, but board meetings have to be conducted as per the stipulations set by the government of India. We strongly believe none other then a company secretary can render better arrangements for your board meetings, minute the discussions and issue a notice for resolutions.

A true guide

As we said earlier, the role of a company secretary does not end with the legal requirements. He/she can do wonders for your company growth in the following avenues:

  • consultancy for issue of securities and shares
  • guidance for drafting prospectus/sale offer/issue of securities, buyback of shares,
  • Due diligence
  • Compliance with cyber, labour and industrial laws
  • Amalgamations, joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Represent before various boards, forums and tribunals
  • Arbitration and negotiation in commercial disputes between suppliers or other parties.
  • Detailed analysis and advice on capital investment proposals.
  • Efficient budgetary measures
  • Preparation and drafting of feasibility studies and project reports.

In short, a company secretary can prove to be an asset for your organization to propel growth. It is always better to concentrate on the core functional area and leave the rest, such as financial and secretarial matters to the domain experts.