How ACCA Qualification Can Help You Get a Job

How ACCA Qualification Can Help You Get a Job

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Created By Admin Last Updated Wed, 28-Oct-2020

Passing your ACCA exams is tough, but getting through it can help you get your dream job. 

Find out how an ACCA certification will elevate your job search and can help you to get a job much faster.

1. Level-Up Your In-Demand Skills

Employers looking out highly skilled and trained financial professionals to fill their open positions. By completing the ACCA certification, you can be the one who stand out among other job-seekers by showing off your elite skillset. 

Employers aren’t just seeking  a degree anymore. They’re looking for professionals that have a broader range of both technical and soft skills, such as business acumen and effective communication.

2. Networking Opportunities

Being an ACCA member can help you step-up in the world of networking. In fact, ACCA members get access to an exclusive network of over 200,000 members around the world. You can even find out ACCA networking events.

Tapping into the ACCA network and attending some exclusive events is an ideal way to meet like-minded professionals. 

3. Broaden Your Career Orientation

Having an ACCA certification can create a great foundation for you to pursue leadership roles in business or even become a business owner.

When you pass your ACCA exams, you won’t have to stop yourself to one career approach. Instead, you can enjoy the flexibility that comes with having such a different range of skills. 

4. Instant CV Boost

ACCA is a globally-recognised certification that can assist members to find a job almost anywhere in the world. It’s such a popular and renowned, yet prestigious, accreditation that nearly any business will instantly recognise its significance on your CV. 

This can be a dream come true to those who is dreaming to pursue work outside their home country.

5. Exclusive Job Boards

Employers have to go step by step for an approval process before posting jobs on the ACCA Careers Job Board. Currently, the ACCA partners with around 7,400 employees worldwide and helps match them with the best ACCA candidates for each position.

6. Additional Training Materials

Once you’ve become an ACCA member, you’ll have access to training and research materials to help you perform your job more effectively.

These resources include accounting and audit standards and exclusive learning opportunities that can assists you in your work. Greater productivity and better work results can maximize your chances of getting promotions both internally and externally.