How to keep Depression away

How to keep Depression away

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Now a day if we see there is an increase in a number of suicides. There are various reasons, circumstances, situations behind it. But common reason coming out is Depression. What should we have learned from the news of Suicides?

It is the time and need of the hour that we should look within. It is now also very much important to have exercises which will heal our mind and heart.

What we can do to keep depression away? Find below herewith some of the ways:

·         Open up your hard feelings with your close and near ones.

·         Don’t keep and accumulate such feelings with you.

·         Don’t get angry or emotional on small -small things. Try to let go.

·         No one here is perfect and also no one is 100% right or 100% wrong. Value the relationship and move ahead. Watch, read about the people who come out from adversity. Like Stephen Hawkins, Helen Keller etc.

·         Don’t run behind the money and material things. Have a feeling of satisfaction. Don’t burden yourself for such type of thing.

·         Give time to your hobby. Dance, singing, painting etc.

·         Go out and take a walk with nature.

·         Listen early in the morning bird’s beautiful voices.

·         Have a purpose in life other than so called common purposes.

·         Write down the mission statement which keeps you alive.

·         Service to others.

·         And last but not the least, do regularly any type of physical as well as mental exercise (meditation, prayer).

Everyone who has taken birth has to pass away one day or the other. But remember suicide is not the way and also not a solution to any problem.