The Power of Defeat

The Power of Defeat

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Failure is permanent whereas defeat is temporary. So unless we give up on certain thing we are defeated and not failed. When we take this defeat positively and seriously analyses, we will be able to identify the causes of our defeat which leads us to bounce back with a tremendous pace and confidence. The defeat is necessary in life some or the other way because it tests our ability to face and how we are going to handle the situation.

What big personalities have said about the Defeat –

Nelson Mondela –

Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.

Mahatma Gandhi –

Heroes are made in the hour of defeat. Success is, therefore, well described as a series of glorious defeats.

A P J Abdul Kalam –

We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us.

Napoleon Hill –

Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.

So my point is, defeat is temporary and it is only in our hand to turn our defeat into the Power which leads us to reach our set goal in life.

Have a Wonderful Bounced back future if you are presently experiencing any kind of Defeat in Life!!