Triple D-Dream, Desire, Do- “Success”

Triple D-Dream, Desire, Do- “Success”

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Achievers are great dreamers. What dreams in life would you have, if you knew you could not possibly fail?

What particular dream would make you happiest in fulfilling?

Firstly, have total faith: in yourself and especially in God – a Higher Power, Supreme Being, who cares deeply about you and really BELIEVE God, Life, Your Creator will ultimately ensure the outcome that’s best for you.

Discover the Awesome Power of a Dream.

A vision for the future, that will capture your entire heart and at the deepest level, your spirit and soul. Open your mind up to the awesome power of your creative imagination (the way “God “speaks” to us, through our subconscious minds, our “God gate” or “receiving station from Superior/Infinite Intelligence”, I believe).

Allow yourself the courage and freedom to even fantasies until you get a vision, a dream of what your life could one day stand for. Meditate deeply, pray, ask God, The Great Designer, what is your unique “calling in life”, your purpose… and you WILL eventually get the answer… from the “still quiet voice within” (or your Higher Self).

Where do you find the vision? You could perhaps find it by looking for people who have hurts and human needs – as per the secret of success in business is finding a need and filling it. To find a human problem to solve through the awesome power of a vision. God will bless you, so that you, in turn, can bless others, through sharing your unique gifts. That way you are helping people, touching other lives and making a difference in the world. I try to do that through my words.

Your dream must be backed by ACTION.

Achievers are dreamers and DOERS. Take small steps and you’ll find that one step leads to another, then the next. “Rome wasn’t built in a Day.”

Develop a ‘God Consciousness’

TRUST, really trust God, the Spirit of the Universe for the successful outcome to your endeavours. It WILL happen, though not in your time-frame and according to exactly to your expectations. But always remember, God’s dreams are far bigger than we could ever imagine ourselves.


DEVELOP YOUR DESIRE to see the dream come to fruition.

Work on your motivation daily. Allow your Dream to be at the fore-front of your life, the “core of your being”. It will motivate, inspire and energies you by giving you a SENSE OF PURPOSE – essential. Only YOU have the power to kill your dream. Nothing is impossible to the person, whose vision becomes a dream and when that dream is allowed to take control over your life. Like an obsession… but strive for balance (heed that one, Craig).

Develop a Success Consciousness, that you will achieve your dream one day.

It’s a positive pattern of thinking, a great attitude/mind-set to have, which will propel you down the road to success. Think abundance and prosperity and not lack…. and you will draw it to yourself from the Universe.

Don’t surrender to negative assumptions.

Eg.” I’m too old, a woman, have no money, no resources, no contacts”. Challenge them. Nothing is impossible to the person who has the desire to succeed. As the proverb says,” where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

KNOW that there is a God, a Supreme Being

KNOW that there is a God, a Supreme Being (call Him/Her/It what you will) and that there is is a unique plan for your life. Listen to God, Spirit, The Ultimate Source (my favourite term to understand the concept commonly known as God), or Ground of our Being and it’s just up to YOU to discover it, then declare it – to the world, should you want. It’s your grand purpose in life and God will help you to fulfil it (as a “co-creator of and collaborator in the vision”). When you give 100% commitment and fully TRUST, God will see to it, that your CHOSEN dream comes to pass. You would never be “given a great dream” through your IMAGINATION without your having the potential to achieve it.

DO- Success

Have a dynamic positive attitude to life.

CHOOSE it. Those things will somehow work out for you. Be flexible in your thinking. Attitude determines your altitude and more than anything else, I believe, is a vitally important ingredient in seeing your dreams come to fruition.

Really BELIEVE that things will work out for you.

Believe in yourself with honesty and humility….and not arrogance. It’s not being “big-headed” saying things, like “I am unique, somebody special, I KNOW I can (make a difference, some impact in this amazing and beautiful world of ours, etc”)! Doing this demands having a healthy self-concept (image).


Look at all the options and check them each day. Obstacles and presures shift, like sand-storms. Never ever walk away from problems. Say, “I will until….”.

Be patient.

Like a good wine, a great dream usually takes many years to mature and then blossom. When nothing seems to be happening, don’t give up hope. Never.

Be open and flexible in your strategies to achieve your goals, your dream(s).

There are many ways to skin a cat (sorry, SPCA). If one road on the path to achieving your dream gets blocked, go round the back way.

If you get stuck on what to do, ask God for the answer on the path ahead through prayer… and you’ll get it through your creative imagination. It will just pop into your head from “outer space” (as Thomas Edison once described it).

Review your strategy and progress from time to time.

Evaluate your strategies and tactics. How effectively are you progressing down your chosen path? Are you getting the results expected and what you desire? If not, try another approach.

Listen to others, really listen, instead of thinking what you are going to say next (work on that one, Craig).

Think about how can I best help the next person.

In turn, if you need help with something, don’t be afraid to ASK politely. People like helping others…and everyone has unique skills and knowledge, that they like sharing.

Never Give Up on the Core of your Dream. Never!

Ask yourself this vital question: What are the alternatives to NOT dreaming it… and only YOU can kill your grand vision.