She did it! Chartered Accountancy at the Age of 48

She did it! Chartered Accountancy at the Age of 48

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To start from the beginning, I was a typical city girl (from Mumbai), always on the go.  I completed my graduation in commerce and also pursued Law.  

My Dad got me married at a very young age of 22. After marriage, I settled in the milk city of India, Anand, Gujarat.  

Here I got an opportunity to start my teaching career.  I started as an Arts and Craft teacher and soon discovered a passion for teaching – especially mathematics.  

When the Commerce stream was started in our school, I got an opportunity to teach Accountancy. Meanwhile, for professional advancement, I completed B.Ed. and M.Com. 

I was quite satisfied with my job which had always provided opportunities for growth. In fact, I had already completed 23 years as a Teacher and saw myself retiring from the same. But destiny had other plans for me.

My father who himself is a Company Secretary would often say that he had done me a ‘DISFAVOUR’ by not allowing me to pursue Chartered Accountancy. Two of my brothers are Chartered Accountants and one is an MBA. 

Though I was very happy with my present life, I wanted to do something about it. I thought what if I could present him with my CA degree on his 75th birthday.  

At the age of 48, I enrolled in CA and started my CA journey. And Today I'm CA.