Disability Couldn’t Stop Him from Becoming a CA

Disability Couldn’t Stop Him from Becoming a CA

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I was barely 18 when I lost my father. From then on, life changed. I became serious about my life and my responsibilities.

Since then I kept performing well academically and I pursued my ambition relentlessly of being a Chartered Accountant. 

On 11th July 2006, there were a series of bomb blasts in the local trains in Mumbai (India). That day I left from work early, becoming a victim of the blasts. 

I suffered a ‘DEBILITATING SPINAL CORD INJURY’- A term which was unknown to me and my family.

I remember the day I was first termed a ‘PARAPLEGIC’. It changed the way I lived forever.

I made a CRUCIAL DECISION to MOVE ON from being sorry for myself and TAKING ON what life had thrown at me.

With a single-minded focus, I continued pursuing CA and finally qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2008.

However, after passing my CA, getting a job was tough. Companies REJECTED ME only because I was Paraplegic.

5 years ago I started as an entrepreneur with my own firm named CA Chauhan & Co.