How CA Transformed My Life

How CA Transformed My Life

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If I can become a Chartered Accountant anyone CAN.

I grew up in a very poor family background with my mother struggling to make ends meet.

My father was an alcoholic and he expired when I was 8 years due to excessive drinking. Thus all the burden was on my mother with very little support from my extended family. But my mother fought with each and every challenge which came our way.

She worked in people’s homes to feed and educate us, she was adamant that we (my bro & me) continue with our studies and we did.

I knew studying was one way to take me out of the HAND TO MOUTH life we were living in. Whatever I am today is because of my MOTHER. She knew the importance and POWER OF EDUCATION.

After graduating, I was confused as to what should I do. That is when I decided to study further and become a Chartered Accountant.

Earlier my relatives looked down upon us however after becoming a Chartered Accountant, things began to change.

Next came the second biggest challenge of getting a Job. I was rejected by so many companies because of my POOR ENGLISH. 

All this has been POSSIBLE because I studied and DID MY CA. CA took me out of poverty, from a 1RK to a 2BHK. And I can proudly say my mom is a housewife now, no longer working in people’s homes.