Some Practices to be happy in life

Some Practices to be happy in life

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Life is a journey of joy and pleasurable moment with heartbreaking sad reality too. Life is something that is not permanent, it is a temporary treasure. The purpose of our life should be happiness. One must need to learn to enjoy happiness by having control over the problems too. We need to learn to maintain the balance in order to live the life to fullest.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in falling, but in rising every time we fall”

We all fall several times while performing something new or committing to new tasks but we only achieve success in that task when we learn the art to rise every time we fall. Mistakes and failures are a part of life, one must not dishearten when falling. Failures are a major contributor to our success. But being happy is not as easy as it seems to be. We all struggles in life and at some point it seems quite difficult to overcome the harsh situation. Here, we are providing you a few ways that can help you in managing the despairing moments and still maintain a happy outlook.

1.   Treat every new day as a blank slate

Every new day brings new challenges. Some of these challenges need a positive point of view to solve them while some of these challenges cannot be solved. It is always better to leave these challenges and move on to the next. Moving forward is always better than being stuck in one. At that time you need to take a rest and get up with a fresh mind to deal with another. This will help you in dealing with another day with a happy mind. Decide, at the end of the day, that the day’s problems belong there. Do not take it to another day and let your brain drain to the same problem. Clear your thoughts and start another day with a fresh mind and make better decisions.

2.   Don’t undervalue yourself

We often face situations in which we undervalue and took our self low. These situations can put our self-confidence low and we started to doubt ourselves. Most people started criticizing things about themselves that are a non-issue to the rest of the world. Replace such thoughts with positive affirmations in your mind and thus, you can create more happiness in life.

3.   You need to let of your anger

Anger is the biggest thief of happiness. Anger can be our worse enemy in some situations.  We dwell on anger and sometimes say harsh words to our loved ones that directly influence our happiness. Try to overcome your anger and learn to have control over it. Do not let anger destroy your relationships and tasks. Don’t carry grudges or hold things over people, in spite offer forgiveness where it is needed and you will notice that the betterment and positivity in the environment around you and you feel happy.

4.   Live your life according to you

You feel more satisfied and happy when you perform according to your will and as you wanted it to be. Don’t let others dictate your morals and ethics. Live your life on your terms as you wanted it to be. Living a life according to anyone else can pressurize us and we feel burdensome which kills our happiness. Always try to do what you feel right and act accordingly.

5.   Attitude is everything

As human beings, we have the ability to steer our behavior and we can have a positive perception related to things. Positivity is directly related to happiness, as everyone loves to be surrounded by cheerful positive minds and you feel happier. Thus, we have full control over happiness with a positive attitude.

CONCLUSION- everyone’s happiness depends on themselves. One can create it with their willingness, living in their own terms, by their attitude, having a positive perception towards things, by valuing themselves, etc. Life is a combination of both happy and sorrowful moments. Prioritize the happiness and live the life to the fullest.