Negative thoughts can bring illness to you

Negative thoughts can bring illness to you

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We all have heard of psychologists and motivators saying and conveying the message that think positively. A positive attitude is very necessary for progress as well as happiness in our life. It helps to conduct hope, enthusiasm, and light in their life. People with a positive attitude know how to live life to the fullest. Positive thinking is a must for a healthy mind thus for an individual’s body too. It helps with stress management and can improve your mental and physical health. 

Opposite to this the stress and negativity is a cause of 90% of diseases. In order to remain mentally and physically fit we need to learn to let go of stress. One needs to have a change of mind so that it can bring a change in chemistry with the body. Here, we are going to have a discussion over how fear, stress, and negativity can influence your biology and is a cause of illness.

If we hold up to negative thoughts, our brain releases elements such as stress hormones that affect our immune system and it directly reduces the flow of energy in our body. You have often noticed that when we are happy we are at our peak energy level this is because positive and happy thought helps in reducing the stress and calming our mind. Negative thoughts bring fear and delusion of the situation and we try to quit or ignore that task and thus we slowly keep losing in our field. Our brain is the center of control of our body feed it with positive thoughts so that you will receive the positive results too.

We have to stop the fear thoughts and have to switch into healthier thoughts

If there is a picture of fear in your mind, you need to change it to some other vision, change it to a vision of happiness, joy. The fear itself, a cause of illness and bring mental and physical disease. In order to remain fit and healthy one needs to continuously work with their physical and mental strength, if you are suffering from stress and fear has already taken a power in your mind you started feeling low and your urge to perform dies and this is how negativity wins over you and can bring many diseases.

“The the moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of the body”

We are continuously talking about overcoming your stress and fear to live a healthy and a life full of joy and happiness but how could you overcome with it?

The answer to this question is here- one can overcome fear and stress by changing their perception related to things. Always tries to look for a positive side of a thing, try to find out good in things and same as with people. Your perception already started changing at that moment and you fear and stress less over things.

Apart from this a daily exercise for your mind and body both are a must for remaining energetic and happy throughout the day thus the positive and happy thoughts will build up in your mind and the chemistry of negativity between your body and mind shifts in a positive way. Always remember your mind has the power to control your life and it depends on you that what you are feeding to it, positive thoughts will give you positive results and thus you can enjoy life to the fullest.

CONCLUSION- How we are living today is a result of yesterday’s thoughts and thus in the same way how you are going to live tomorrow will be the result of your today’s thought. Thus, for living happily every day have control over thoughts in a positive way. Life is temporary do not make it complicated with stress and fear. Just go with the flow, enjoy every moment of your life, and think positive for a bright future.